British Grand Prix

Ruhan can’t be doing too bad considering pleading poverty – living it up at the British Grand Prix at the weekend

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10 thoughts on “British Grand Prix”

  1. Yeah, I saw him last week in Ibiza, partying big time. How can this bloke get away with it?
    Great website, I’ll keep watching

  2. I sincerely hope that this is brought to the court’s attention – it would seem that not only was he was at the BGP and in Ibiza but I saw him in Majorca earlier this month. I didn’t approach him, just watched. He must take everybody for fools

  3. This is a very informative website – how about giving a brief synopsis of AR for those that do not want to read through the whole site. You could include links as to where on the site they can read in greater detail. Can’t wait for this guy to get his comeuppance, photos would be nice

  4. Ruhan has clearly hacked this site. Googling the page returns nonsense. And lots of sex posts are for sex ads etc. Funny for a guy who ha sliced a life full
    Of prostitutes….

  5. Glad to see Andy is trying to sell his boat….. unsuccessfully….asking price down fromplus8 meur a year ago to less than 4 meur now. Bad karma Andy??

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